The plastic around me

The work was put up for display during a 3-month art residency in Dali, China. The installation was on display at the residency’s art museum at the end of the residency.

The plastic around me The plastic around me The plastic around me The plastic around me The plastic around me

Let´s be together

In this installation I used old sheets, which I tie-dyed and installed in to a big hall. I haven´t used fabric before in my artwork and it was a nice change. The artwork was named ”Let´s be together”, because the artwork was on display in my wedding. Im facinated about presenting art in different variations. In what kind of surroundings and situations have we used to see art, and how we could broaden these options.

I built an art exhibition in rural setting for my wedding and heard a lot of praise about how suprising it is to undergo such an experience in this kind of event. It is normal to hear music in weddings, that is also a line of art, so why wouldn´t you bring visual art as a part of the celebration.

Let´s be together-installation, 2018 Tie-dyed sheets 32pcs, string.

Ollaan yhdessä Ollaan yhdessä Ollaan yhdessä Ollaan yhdessä

The eye of the forest

‘The eye of the forest’ is an installation which consists of two animal sculptures and several metallic hexagonal boxes. The eye of the forest-installation creates a mystical space, which the viewer can enter and feel part of, and where they can have a dialogue with the two animal sculptures. The sense of oneness with nature rises as the most important thought. A human being is a part of nature and not a separate thing.

In my work I research humans complicated relationship to nature. Human destroys nature, but on the other hand is dependent on it. On one side there is human’s spiritual and respectful connection to nature, and on the other side the human connection to nature is gradually being lost due to our own actions. Natures mysticism and human’s oneness with nature has been a strong inspirer for me in this work.

Erämaan sielu elävä metsänsilmä, naaki ja tiiraili joka kannon kolosta. Jokaisesta pökkelöstä, tervasjurrikasta ja koivuntohelosta tuijotti hänen oma haltijaisensa, metsän salaperäinen henki, tuijotti ja naaki, ei mitään sanonut. (Paulaharju 1939, Sompio)

The eye of the forest installation, 2016, clay, metal, paper, 35m2.
Installation parts:
Spirit animal: 66cm x 42cm x 25cm, clay,
Frog: 42cm x 32cm x 30cm, paper.
Hexagon shaped boxes: 30cm x 60cm x 59cm, 20cm x 60cm x 59cm, 10cm x 60cm x 59cm, rusted metal.