08/2012–5/2016 In the Degree Programme in Visual Arts. Saimaa University of applied sciences. Imatra

8/2009-12/2011 Pictorial expression Vocational examination Pekka Halose´s Academy. Tuusula

2005–2008 Metal-Artesan. Vocational examination. LUKK, Nummela

1996–2005 Basic school. Lohja

Group- and shared exhibions

2019 Residency exhibition. Dali art factory, China

2017 Neljä jalkaa. Gallery Koivulinna, Pukkila

2017 Young artist exhibition. Kuukantalo, Loimaa

2016 Seurauksia – Consequences. Stockfors Art Fair, Pyhtää

2016 Onneomija- Thesis exhibitions. Art museum of Imatra, Imatra

2016 Kontakt. Köysirata gallery, Turku

2015 Kaikki sanat on jo käytetty – All words are alreaydy used. Stockfors Art Fair, Pyhtää

2015 Laboratory of sculpture. Mikhail Anikushin`s studios branch of the state museum of city sculpture, St.Petersburg

2015 Tyttö – A girl. Gallery Ronga, Tampere

2014 Saimaa University of applied sciences Skinnarila´s campus, Lappeenranta

2014 Stockfors Art Fair, Pyhtää

2013 Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere

2012 1. Tietotalo, Imatra

2011 Olet tässä–You are here – Thesis exhibition. Cable factory, Helsinki

2010 Paintings and drawings. Library, Hyrylä

Works in public places or in private collections

2017 Wallpainting, Kurkimäki playpark, Helsinki

2015 Art to electrical closets, Imatra

2014 Reception centre, Konnunsuo

Works in field of art

2019-2021 Turku new hospital public places art project, designing and implementation of artwork in panorama room, Turku.

10/2018 Temporary substitute in academy, teaching arts, Loimaa.

05/2017-12/2017 Snadien artsumpi stadi -project. As a community artist in playgrounds and kindergartens. Planning and implementation, Helsinki.

05/2017 Taikkari -a childrens own art moment. Founding childrens art club, planning and implementation, Nivala

3/2017-5/2017 Taikkari -a childrens own art moment. Founding childrens art club, planning and implementation, Lohja

8/2015–12/2015 Palette no. 2 wellbeing from art-project

6/2013–7/2013 City of Lohja, Tutelage of elderly peoples stimulus by art, Lohja

2/2012-6/2012 Ars Auttoinen art- and design center, internship, Padasjoki


2016 Stipend, Saimaa University of applied sciences

Artist residencies

1/2019-4/2019 Dali art factory, China.


2020 member of Salo artist organization

2019 member of Turku artist organization