I am visual artist Annu Mikkilä. I live and work in Finland. I graduated from University of applied sciences in 2016 as a sculptor. I also have studied Pekka Halose`s academy and i have art-blacksmith`s degree.

Metal is a material that is very dear to me. I often use recycled metal. Rusty surface of metal is beautiful and brings special story to the artworks. The passing of time, the continuity of change in life`s nature. Nothing is permanent, even strong metal has to go through the process of change. Clay is another important material for me. It comes from the earth and is naturally soft and easily molded into shapes. I rust my metal and smoke my clay. Smoking the clay is unpredictable and spontaneus as rust. I like combining both clay and metal because of their diffent characters. Nature and enviroment are important for me and because of that i mostly use recycled and nature´s materials.

Often in my works there is a figure that resembles an animal. The figure wont necessary express any certain animal, it rather has features from different animals, humans and from my imagination. Emotions are important for me in my work. I want my work to transmit a strong mood. Therefore i use figures that are out of the ordinary, so the viewer can research the artwork a little bit farther and maybe it would be easier for he/she to experiece emotions. Life´s strangeness and amazingness will present itself in these peculiar creatures. Reality´s randomness is fascinating. How do we people manifest ourselves just like we are? And how strange forms of life there can be, in the universe? The birth of an artwork is most affected by intuition, my sensibility and the thing´s that bewilder me in the present time. I often research humans relationship to nature in present day, or humans relationship to himself and others. Compassion towards ourselves and our surrounding world could benefit every one of us